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  • Management, Marketing et Stratégie

Equipe pédagogique

Acquis d'apprentissage

By attending the teaching session, the students should develop capabilities to:
1. Understand the major evolutions of information systems in organizations
2. Identify and understand major stakes related to information and information
3. Develop knowledge on the most commonly used applications in organizations
4. Understand how information systems can support competitive advantage in companies
5. Think critically about Information Technology in organizations and our societies


Each session presents some burning topic in relation to IS. This presentation is followed by
the students’ presentation of some reading. The teacher will form groups composed by two
students. Each group will have to present two readings to the whole class. Presentations of
readings and other material should be prepared before the class. 2
The presentation should not last more than 20 minutes (app. 15 minutes is a good timing).
Slides shoud be prepared (but not too many slides) and presentation should result into a
discussion conducted and led by the presenting team. Presenters should make a brief summary
of the document and then detail their analysis of the issues raised or described by the authors.
To lead discussion, presenters should ask some questions to their audience to check whether
their message was well conveyed. The teacher can also connect some part of the presentation
content to the theories examined during the first part of the session.


Work in class is 50% of the final grade. The overall grading scale for the course is as follows:
Table 1. Grading
Evaluation Grading Content
Final Exam 50 % § Essay questions (based on the course, mini cases
and other sources of insights)
Contributions to the
dynamics of the class 20 % § Class attendance and participation
§ Questions and discussion
Case studies presentation
and discussion
30 %

§ Groups of 2 students
§ Articles and cases must be read BEFORE the
§ Discussion of the case, collaborative preparation
of slides and presentati

Approches pédagogiques

A combination of formal teaching (18 hours) and case studies (6 hours of student presentations discussed in lab classes).
 Students should read the distributed articles individually, and participate in class duscussions..
 During the final four sessions, each week, one student will present one of the articles and lead the class room discussion after the case.
More specifically, they are expected to provide additional contribution to the case material by making use of the concepts learned during the lectures, and by reading recent material / or relevant articles.

 There is one final exam in this course.


Master of Science

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