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  • Langues et Sciences Humaines

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I built this English course around the question, “How has the technology revolution transformed our lives as individuals and as a society?” I use film segments and short readings to stimulate thinking and discussion around these themes. The film, HER focuses on social interactions whereas the documentary, We steal secrets, steers us toward political implications. If time permits, we’ll watch the beginning of Mr.Robot.

Acquis d'apprentissage

Students should be able to:
• Understand the key components of the academic writing genre
• Produce basic academic texts in terms of organisation, patterns of argument, cohesion, formality and process.
• Produce complex but clear sentences appropriate to academic genre
• Exercise judgement and flexibility in expressing complex ideas
• Conceive, plan and deliver academic presentations
• Interact effectively in an online ‘classroom’ and webinar setting
• Use techniques to engage in reasoned debate
• Facilitate discussions and show understanding in interpersonal contexts
• Deploy a range of reading techniques to quickly digest large quantities of reading material
• Recognise and reuse key vocabulary and language patterns appropriate to an academic context
• Recognise cultural differences with the target culture


1. Use English effectively to form coherent opinions concerning current issues
2. Improve listening comprehension skills
3. Expand English language vocabulary and use of idioms
4. Review advanced grammar where necessary
5. Use writing skills to analyse class material
6. Create a professional CV

Attentes du cours

1. Students should arrive to class ready to participate with the necessary materials. In addition to the regular classroom materials, this includes a computer equipped with a webcam, microphone, and active high-speed internet connection for the duration of each session. Students will be called on and expected to turn on their microphone promptly and respond at any time during these sessions.
2. Due to the nature of online learning, students will be expected to complete preparation work before the ‘live’ session each week. It will be posted on Moodle in a document form. This preparation is mandatory and essential for the quality of the group work.
3. Written homework assignments are expected to be punctual. Dates will be posted on Moodle homework portal.
4. Each student must prepare and present a short, individual oral presentation related to class themes during the semester. These presentations will be scheduled in advance. (-2 points for late presentations). Students can consult the school website for details and advice about presentations. We will talk more about skills in class.
5. Each student must present a CV during the first semester. or google imtbs-tsp career path

D. Simple Class rules:
If you miss a segment of the film, you are expected to catch up promptly on your own time.
Your preparedness and engagement in the online group will contribute to the quality of this course, which normally hinges on contact in a classroom.
I do not read emails on Sunday evening (after 18H00). Please contact me earlier with any issues concerning Monday.


Assessment of class performance: 1/3 written assignments and presentations, 1/3 School wide common CF (December 14th), 1/3 presence and participation
1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of the online sessions. Students should signal technical problems immediately. Absences are excused by the administration only. Students must present a note obtained from the secretary in order to be excused. Points will be deducted from final grade for unexcused absences.
2.Continual assessment (CC) grade consists of: oral participation in online discussion, 2 written homework assignments, and the oral presentation.
Validating the tandem programme will add 2 bonus points to a student’s CC grade (CC) of the corresponding language course.
It is the responsibility of the student to make up for any missed work in order to avoid these absences further impacting final grades.

CEFR Grade (A1-C2)
Students will be continuously assessed as to their language level relative to the CEFR criteria.
There is NO DIRECT RELATION between a student’s CC/CF/PP and their CEFR level.

For more information, please refer to the LSH website.

Approches pédagogiques

1. Oral presentations in a wide variety of formats with plenty of tips for improvement
2. Films, series and podcasts: Her, We Steal Secrets and Mr. Robot as well as listenings (IRL/TheDaily) and brief videos
3. Weekly vocabulary to preview before film and subsequently learn, auto-correct vocabulary quizzes
4. Reviewing challenging grammar points: Understanding and Using English Grammar/ Azar
5. Current events readings (NewYorkTimes, The Guardian) for homework with vocabulary with synonym grids to fill out.
6. Several short writing assignments for homework


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

1 TTS: Introduction to the film themes:
Vocabulary/ Film segment 1/comprehension questions and class discussion on broader themes
OP theme list for students
Grammar review: Using all the tenses
2 TTS: segment 2:
Oral Presentation on film theme
Grammar review: using modals correctly
3 TTS segment 3:
Oral presentation on film theme
Grammar review: compound adjectives review
4 segment 4:
Oral presentation on film theme
How to create OP slides workshop
5 segment 5:
Oral presentation on film theme
Grammar review: phrasal verbs
6 vocabulary and grammar quiz
Writing an opinion essay workshop

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