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  • Langues et Sciences Humaines

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The UK Today is a culture based English language course with contemporary Britain as its core subject. Students will briefly study the geography and demography of the UK before looking at its institutions and government. UK media and the Arts are also on the agenda. Students will look closely at many different cultural aspects of contemporary Britain. This is an interactive course where the students are required to participate in lively debates and carry out research in pairs or small groups presenting their findings to the class.

Acquis d'apprentissage

Learning objectives:
• To present information orally, using appropriate spoken English, grammatically correct and with an emphasis on fluency
• A number of short texts will be written and shared (by way of the Moodle Learning Platform)
• Listening comprehension will be practised with the help of videos and recorded extracts
• Reading comprehension from following tweets from Twitter feeds as well as extracts from newspapers and magazines will be shared in class and online.
A 10 minute, illustrated presentation on a contemporary aspect of the United Kingdom will be required at the end of the course.


: The purpose of this course is to gain an understanding of the complex multicultural nature of the modern day United Kingdom. At the same time key English language elements will be revised and practised in a meaningful context. All the learning skills of students reading, writing, listening and speaking will be employed.

Attentes du cours

Students will learn a great deal about modern Britain but will be also allowed to follow their own interests and curiosity in their choice of subjects. Students should not lose sight of the fact that this remains an English Language class and that class participation, online activity, doing homework and respecting deadlines are the backbone of continuous assessment.


Grading: Grading will be on the scale of 0 to 20 and is the same for all language classes:
Participation in class, presentations and written work: 50%(CC)
Final exam: 50% (CF)
Validating the Tandem course will add 2 bonus points in the continuous assessment grade of the corresponding language course.
Chaque absence non justifiée entrainera 1 point en moins sur la note de CC.

Punctuality, politeness and presence are required, smart phones may be used for research as, hats and chewing gum are not recommended.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

Class schedule ( Example) Available on Moodle along with all classroom documents, multimedia resources, handouts and web links

1. 1 Introduction to the UK today: Expectations, geography and demography, icons and symbols, general information. Pair-work knowledge sharing with quiz. .

2. Institutions, constitution and electoral system.
Traditions and celebrations in the British parliament – video and written comprehension. Modals of obligation.

3. The role of the monarchy, comprehension exercises. Debate the role of the Royal family in Modern society. Devolution in Britain. Present perfect and Present perfect continuous.

4. British Economy and work climate. . Migration and closed boarders – the Jungle in Calais. Presentations for end of semester – British personalities - written work – in advance of presentation for next lesson.

5. Law and Order, Surveillance UK. The state and the people. Introduction to the Social system in Britain. Discussion of welfare state

6. British Arts: Film industry Classic and contemporary – icons in the industry. Genres and popular film

7. British Arts: Music and Pop culture – types of music and icons through the ages.

8. Beginning of student presentations.

9. Student presentations continue.

10. Final Test and Feedback

*please note that this syllabus may be subject to change in order to reflect current affairs and preoccupations across the Channel

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