Management Consulting and Strategic Framework

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STR 4707


Graduate (M1)



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Crédits ECTS


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20 / 50


  • LESCOP Denis


- Droit, Economie et Finance

Equipe pédagogique



Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Identify potential problems in the strategic, operational, financial, accounting, and marketing areas of a business
2. Discover the causes of those problems using research tools appropriate to each business area
3. Develop programs or remedial actions for those problems
4. Present those action programs and recommendations in a professionally appropriate manner, in both a written report and oral presentation.








The assignments that are graded and their respective weights in the course are as follows
Team Consulting Projects (3 at 15% each): 45%
Midterm Exam: 20%
Team Presentation: 15%
Final Exam: 20%

Approches pédagogiques

Class Meetings: We will meet regularly as a class to cover background material and consulting tools useful for conducting consulting projects

Team Meetings: Once your projects are underway, frequent team project updates with the instructor will take the place in class. Additional team meetings outside of class will be required to complete the consulting assignments. Teams will be assigned by the instructor.

Case Studies. Much of the class will be analyzing case studies, approaching the company as a team of professional management consultants. Teams will utilize the tools discussed in class to analyze the company and develop recommendations. Teams will do professional written reports and formal presentations of the results to the class.

Peer Evaluations: Each team member will evaluate his or her other team members for quality and quantity of their contribution to the project for each team project. Team members are typically very candid in assessing the performance of other members, and the best recipe for positive feedback is to be a valued resource to your teammates. Peer evaluations will be done by each team member following the completion of a team project. Students are expected to be honest, forthright, and fair in their evaluation of other team members. Peer evaluations will be taken into account in determining the final grade for all students. A student’s grade may go up or down from the team grade based on the peer evaluations. Assignment of the group grade is not automatic and may be adjusted in either direction.
Team Work In addition to peer evaluations, you will be graded based on your professionalism and contributions to the team effort as observed by the instructor in class and meetings. Each team member is expected to be a strong contributor to the team, carry their share of the work load, and be a positive team player.
Midterm Exam: The midterm exam is conducted in class, and covers the material presented in class. A thorough understanding of the material is required to do well on the exam.
Project Report: Student teams will do 3 written consulting project reports during the course, to be submitted hard copy in class on the date due.
A “business” format should be used rather than an academic format, meaning single-spaced, no indentation of paragraphs, double-space between paragraphs, and use boldface headings and subheadings to provide structure and a guide to your reader. References and citations should be done using a standard, acceptable format. The report should include a cover page, a one-page Table of Contents, and a one-page Executive Summary that summarizes each section of the report.
Your Report will be graded based on its content, accuracy, completeness, creativity and professionalism as well as its writing style, grammar, punctuation, and format. Further instructions for this report are posted under Other Resources on Scholar.
Project Presentations: Each team is required to do a professional “board room” presentation of one on the projects. The presentations will be assigned by the instructor. The presentation is expected to take approximately 30 minutes, and is to be followed by questions from the class and instructor.
Final Exam: The final exam will be on the last day of class, May 5. It will include a case study to analyze and develop recommendations as a consultant.


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