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The goal of this course is to expose students to the challenges and opportunities associated with the management of multicultural diversity in organizations. The course will focus on defining, identifying, and managing multicultural diversity and help students to develop a strong and well-articulated argument for the business case of it. Specifically, upon completion of this course students will be able to:
• Understand themselves in relation to the people around them (i.e., their own place within cultures and subcultures)
• Demonstrate critical thinking about multicultural diversity issues in the context of organizational and work life
• Demonstrate an awareness of cultural, institutional, organizational, and individual actions, practices, and symbols that communicate respect/disrespect for identities and groups
• Pinpoint the primary barriers to creating diverse workplaces
• Describe the implications of an increasingly diverse workplace for organizations
• Explain the role of multicultural diversity as a source of organizational effectiveness
• Describe how organizational practices relate to multicultural diversity
• Analyze actual and potential effects of organizations’ diversity-related strategies
• Develop the ability to take a leadership role in managing multicultural diversity in organizations
• Identify intangible variables associated with multicultural diversity in organizations
• Understand the importance of creating a work environment where the contributions of every employee are valued


More detailed information/instructions will be provided for each of these assignments during the first few weeks of class.
Participation (25%)
I would like for this course to be based on group discussion, and your participation grade will reflect your performance in this respect. This grade includes attendance, in-class discussion, preparation of questions for peer presentations, respect towards your peers and the instructor throughout the class, and completion of occasional reflection papers written in class.

Implicit Attitude Exercise (10%)
Students will be asked to complete an implicit association test and submit a brief report about their experiences. DUE DATE: FEBRUARY 9TH

Identity Group Presentation (20%)
In teams, students will develop a 20-minute presentation outlining the history, challenges, and opportunities of a specific identity group (e.g., homosexuals, senior citizens, Asians, Europeans, etc.) in America and France. The presentation should provide background information on the group as well as ideas for potential ways to leverage the group’s differences in organizational contexts. The baseline of the grade will be team-based, but there will be individual adjustments based on anonymous peer feedback. DUE DATE (SLIDES ONLY): FEBRUARY 23rd

Team Case Study Write-Ups (20%)
In teams, students will write either summaries or responses to questions concerning assigned business cases. More information will be provided for each case. The baseline of the grade will be team-based, but there will be individual adjustments based on anonymous peer feedback. DUE DATE: VARIOUS, TBD

Team Case Project (25%)
In teams, students will be asked to develop a plan to address multicultural issues presented in a business case. Teams must submit a report outlining detailed solutions that incorporate knowledge acquired throughout the semester. Teams must also give a 15-minute presentation summarizing their reports for the class. Students will be expected to ask questions and critique one another’s presentations. The baseline of the grade will be team-based, but there will be individual adjustments based on anonymous peer feedback. DUE DATE (SLIDES & REPORTS): APRIL 21ST
Optional Final Exam
Students who are not satisfied with their grades at the end of the semester may choose to take the optional final exam (as an individual, NOT as part of a team). This will be a take-home case study report. Students will be expected to analyze a case, develop course-content-based solutions to multicultural diversity issues, and submit a formal report outlining strengths, weaknesses, and resolutions for the case. If a student chooses to complete this report, the total grade (as calculated below) will represent 75% of the new grade while the report grade will represent 25%. The case will be distributed on May 3rd (the last day of class). DUE DATE: MAY 7TH


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