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1ère Année Management,Bachelor 1ère année,1ère Année Télécom





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  • Langues et Sciences Humaines

Equipe pédagogique


This course introduces the student to a wide range of provocative topics in the world of business and technology today in an interactive mode to promote efficient language acquisition.

Acquis d'apprentissage

The objective is to master the business & technological language and to understand how to apply this language to everyday needs in the professional world. Students will consolidate their ability to :

° Communicate & interact with other students and the teacher on current topics of business & technology
° Express & comprehend through presentations using visuals (power-point - internet - video)
° Learn new vocabulary of business & technical terms and its usage
° Work with and lead teams
° Negotiate for better working conditions, salaries, etc.

The subject matter is provocative but never too specialized.

Attentes du cours

Students should be ready for a high degree of interaction: in pairs, groups and in open class environments. Discussion will be the norm, and everyone is expected to contribute in every class. Students will be called on during every class to contribute and should be ready to activate their microphone when called on.
Students should arrive to class ready to participate with the necessary materials. In addition to the regular classroom materials`, this includes a computer equipped with a webcam, microphone, and active high-speed internet connection for the duration of each session
Classroom expectations:
The participation grade will be based on the following criteria:
•Punctuality: on-time and ready to work (non-disruptive in time-keeping)
•Motivation: Speaking only English in Class, no use of translation tools
•Professional: Appropriate setting, actions and interaction for professional context.
•Engagement: Participating appropriately in whole-class activities
•Focus / Responsiveness: Remaining focused during teacher input and on class tasks. Responding immediately and appropriately when asked.
•Committed to Homework: Homework delivered on time and to the best of your ability.
•Positive: Contributing to positive class atmosphere
General rules for ‘live’ sessions:
Think ‘COPP’: Camera On (Mic. off unless contributing), Professional, Positive.
Attendance will be taken at the beginning, end, and at random intervals during the class. If a student arrives late, or experiences technical problems, it is the student’s responsibility to signal this to the teacher immediately, and to the Helpdesk if necessary. Absences and lateness, as with any lack of participation, will affect the final grade. Severe lateness will be treated as absence.


All Grading will be on a scale of 0 to 20, unless otherwise stated.
1/3 CF: A written response to given input, produced in an academic style
1/3 CC: Selected Classroom assignments, as detailed by the teacher.
1/3 PP: Presence & Participation (each representing 50% of the PP grade)
Presence: Students will receive credit for attending class regularly, up to a maximum of 1/6 of their total grade. Unjustified absences will thus have a direct impact on student’s overall grade.
Participation: Students will be assessed on their participation in class, according to the criteria in ‘classroom expectations’
Validating the tandem programme will add 2 bonus points to a student’s CC grade (CC) of the corresponding language course.
It is the responsibility of the student to make up for any missed work to avoid these absences further impacting final grades.
CEFR Grade (A1-C2)
Students will be continuously assessed as to their language level relative to the CEFR criteria. There is NO DIRECT RELATION between a student’s CC/CF/PP and their CEFR level. For more information, please refer to the LSH website. https://lsh.imt-bs.eu

Approches pédagogiques

Language work will consist in reading, vocabulary building, listening, role-playing, and open discussion. Students will also give presentations in teams on a subject of Business or Technology.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

1 Introductions, Ice breaking games (have to find new online ones)
Course objectives and Ground Rules
Steve Jobs Ted Talk - A Presentation - Phrasal Verbs

2 International Marketing (vocabulary, article or case study discussion & presentation) eg: Launching New Product in a new market
Academic Writing

3 Communication & PR (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or presentation) Example of Crisis Management from the Press - Academic Writing

4 ENERGY (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or presentation)
Academic Writing CV Academic Writing Assignment 1

5 Management Styles (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or presentation) - Academic Writing

6 Online Marketing (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or presentation) Eg., Presentation to improve the customer online experience and manage the company’s brand reputation. - Academic Writing
7 Artificial Intelligence (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or presentation)
(For example got this article from a friend who is an expert in Big Data and heads a consulting company)
Academic Writing - Academic Presentation

8 Marketing Innovation (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or project)
Academic Writing Assignment

9. Culture (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or presentation)
Academic Writing Assignment - Academic Writing Assignment 2

10. Advertising (vocabulary, article or case study discussion, debates or presentation)
Academic Writing Assignment

11. CF1

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