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Acquis d'apprentissage

On completion of this module, students will understand the theoretical concepts covered and their practical implications for managers. They will be able to discuss the complexity of issues in organisational behaviour which are relevant in the contemporary business environment. The need for individual personal self reflection and continuous questioning and learning is stressed, as well as the value and challenges of working in teams.

Particular learning outcomes include:
- To comprehensively understand the concepts of perception, attitudes and values, and their implications for managers.
- To understand and apply the various theories of motivation, leadership, power and politics, and group behaviour.
- To discuss and critique the social licence of organisations and the ethical responsibilities of a manager
- To assemble the critical issues in discussions on how to manage team and group work
- To be acutely aware of diversity in organisations and the approaches to managing diversity
- To understand cultural differences (international) and how behaviour in organisation can vary cross-culturally
- To have insight into how organisational change and development can be initiated and sustained.


- provide students with a foundation in Organisational Behaviour, by familiarising students with relevant theories and key literature in the area
- offer students the opportunity for self analysis and to interact with others by working together in teams where they can discuss and critique the various approaches to organisational behaviour
- help students to better understand and manage individual and interpersonal behaviour in organisations, to manage groups for high performance
- instil the value of effective leadership in increasing organisational effectiveness through people
- develop a critical understanding of the challenges facing leading and changing organisations, and the contemporary ethical responsibilities
- encourage students to discuss and critique rhetoric with practice.


Continuous assessment: 40%
Final end of term exam: 60%

Approches pédagogiques

The lectures focus on relevant theories in the subject, with debate and discussion encouraged in class.

Working both individually and within groups is increasingly the key to being a successful marketer; yet, it is possibly the most difficult, and least understood, challenge of being a marketer. This module meets that challenge, by introducing the theories and concepts concerning the study of human behaviour for the management of organisations. Firstly it provides students with a theoretical framework underlying the cutting edge of debate in Organisational Behaviour, before instigating debate and reflection on the organisation and the individual.


Programme Bachelor

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