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Marketing, commercial



Crédits ECTS




  • Direction des Formations et de la Pédagogie


-To increase the knowledge of the online environment and its use as a tool for advertisers, companies and organizations.
-To analyse the techniques and strategies aimed atachieving the correct optimisation of online resources in company communication.
-To define and establish the competencies of the online marketing analyst and their importance in contemporary organisations.
-To analyse the main current social networks and assess their potential.
-Knowledge of the techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and public relations for decision-making in the areas of advertising communication and public relations in companies and institutions.
-Knowledge of the structure of advertising media as well as the fundamentals, procedures, techniques and strategies related to its research, planning and purchase.
-Ability to detect market and communication opportunities, to make strategic decisions, to program concrete communication actions and to measure their results.
-Capacity and ability to carry out the functions developed by the media departments and media agencies.
-Capacity and ability to create, apply and audit the communication plan for strategic decision-making, for programming concrete communication actions and for measuring their results.
-Capacity for analysis, synthesis and critical judgment that helps you to extract valid considerations from reality, to interpret the environment and adapt to change, to adjust to organizational objectives, to conceptualize messages, and to objectify tasks and relate causes and effects.
-Capacity to assume risk, developing the capacity from thinking to deciding.
-Knowing and understanding the processes related to the function of marketing and communication on the Internet, both from a strategic and operational point of view.
-Apply laboratory techniques, methods and tools that allow the direction and management of marketing on the Internet (as a means of communication and/or means of distribution and marketing).
-To know the last tendencies in the management of the marketing in Internet on the part of the companies and organizations.


Programme Bachelor

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