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2ème Année Management,2ème Année Télécom





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  • Langues et Sciences Humaines

Equipe pédagogique


Under the guidance of an experienced teacher and speaker of English, students will strive to individually develop their writing and public speaking abilities.

Acquis d'apprentissage

The objective of this course is that students should be able to communicate in both oral and written English in professional situations

By the end of the course students should be able to :

Talk about themselves and their work
Give a professional presentation
Give and follow instructions
Attend a job interview

Understand company structures
Talk about graphs, numbers and trends
Write formal and informal letters and e-mails
Make comparisons

Write about processes and systems
Write about cause and effect

If the students’ levels allow, the class may also include more advanced modules :
International / intercultural perspectives
Product management


The purpose of this course is to enable students to be more effective in all situations they will be obliged to deal with during their professional lives, in an increasingly globalised business world.

The course is based on the study of the skills needed to function in a competent,appropriate and professional way. At the same time there will be a thorough review of all necessary grammatical and lexical structures.

Attentes du cours

Attendance is obligatory. Absences can only be authorised by your school.

There is a heavy workload, both in and out of class. In order to achieve the objectives we expect the students to come to class having completed their homework and prepared to participate fully in all in-class activities.

During class, students will be expected to function solely in English, i.e. all listening, speaking, reading & writing will be carried out in English, not in French. Therefore they must be able to
« switch over » to English, as if they had been sent on a mission to an English-speaking company.

Mostcontinuous assessment tasks are carried out in class. Failure to prepare adequately will result in a very low mark.

Our goal is toestablish a friendly atmosphere in class, where students feel free to ask questions whenever they need. Wealso encourage students to take responsibility for their learning by working outside class using the many resources available to them. . The ability of the students to work in teams, pooling their knowledge and expertise, is also something we emphasise.

Students are expected to arrive on time and to be respectful of the teacher and their colleagues by paying attention to what is being said and not chatting or using mobile devices..


Grading will be on a scale of 0 to 20. 50% CC and 50% CF1
Presence, participation in class, presentations and written work
Validating the tandem course will add 2 bonus points in the continuous assesment grade of the corresponding language course.
1point en moins sur le contrôle continue pour chaque absence non justifiée


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

Introduction to each other & the year’s programme – dates, tests, evaluations etc.
Resources available for self-study.
Round up of grammar problems.
Oral work : introducing yourself & others, meeting, greeting, socialising.
Oral work : problem solving (pairwork), presenting solutions to group
Telephoning : listening for information, role-playing ‘phone calls
Company structures
How are companies organised ? Talking about responsibilities and hierarchies.
Reading, listening,
Writing about a company
Graphs, trends, numbers
Vocabulary associated with the above
Reading, listening, speaking
Presentation of external exam. What is the format, what sort of questions are asked, advice
Practice – some listening, some reading
Paragraphing, letters (formal & informal) e-mails.
In class writing a letter, Cv & letter
Giving & following instructions – Giving directions
Correct use of prepositions of place
Negotiating : theory, short role-play
When & why do we negotiate, principles of negotiating, preparation
Reading –« The art of negotiation »
Negotiating : written test on homework
Prepare case study for next week’s negotiation. Study documents, watch video meetings, prepare figures. Prepare negotiation (pairwork)
Negotiate pair against pair Prepare interview
Job interview, replying to typical questions. Answering questions about your cv
Comparing & contrasting
Grammar & vocabulary of comparatives & superlatives. Differences & similarities.
In class writing, comparing A with B
Revise for CF1
CF1 – end of semester test covering content, grammar & vocabulary studied in class

The homework indicated on the schedule is non-exhaustive. Homework covering grammar points will be given according to the needs of the students.


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