Introduction to Media Studies

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Equipe pédagogique


This course will acquaint students with different disciplinary approaches to the study of mass media. Case studies coming from the world of radio, television, film, newspapers, magazines, and the internet will demonstrate their use. Course activities include in-depth discussion of key issues and questions, in-class and homework assignments, presentations and discussion of student assignments and coursework

Acquis d'apprentissage

Understanding how we can ‘read’ the media, the importance of media audiences and the changing picture of media institutions.


Students know and have an understanding of various approaches to media studies,

Attentes du cours

Students will experience how to discuss critically and to transmit their position to an audience knowledgeable about media studies. Each class is prepared by reading a short document and watching the accompanying short video. Students will post a writing assignment each week on the weekly forum. A minimum of six writing assignements (100 words in length) are necessary. SPECIAL DISTANCE FORMULA Students should be connected with both audio and video. The students are expected to be « Camera On, be Professional, be Positive »
Classes 1 through 3 will be « live online » (attendance in real time) and take place at the time scheduled in their agendas Absences will be penalized.
4 through 6 will be self-paced online (weekly homework) and validated by forum discussions that must be uploaded by students before the next class date on their agendas ;
7 will be a recap “live online”; 8 and 9 (live online) will be oral presentations of 15 minutes presented in the form either of a video (poor connection) or live.


50% CC (6 forum contributions uploaded before the start of the following class (reflexive writing or other) ; active contributions to in class discussion) 50% final exam (essay format)

Approches pédagogiques

This is a lecture course that uses case studies to illustrate the central concepts employed in media studies today. There will be a written mid-term and a final test.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur

Plan du cours

1. Sept 30 Communication(live online)
2. Oct 7 Technology (live online)
3. Oct 14 Influence (live online)
4. Oct 21 Ideology (self paced online)
5. Oct 28 Production Users (self paced online)
6. Nov 18 Content (self-paced online)
7. Nov 25 Globalization (live online)
8. Dec 2 Talks (live online)
9. Dec 9 Talks (live online)
10. Dec 16 Final Exam (live online)

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