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  • Langues et Sciences Humaines

Equipe pédagogique


This course introduces the student to a wide range of provocative topics in the world of business and technology today in an interactive mode in order to promote efficient language acquisition.

Acquis d'apprentissage

The objective is to master the business & technological language and to understand how to apply this language to everyday needs in the professional world. Students will consolidate their ability to

Communicate & interact with other students and teacher on current topics of business & technology
Express & comprehend through presentations using visuals (power-point - internet - video)
Read & write business & technical texts for solidifying knowledge of new innovations in both worlds
Learn new vocabulary of business & technical terms and its usage
Work with and lead teams
Negotiate for better working conditions, salaries, etc.

The subject matter is provocative but never too specialized.


Language work will consist in reading, vocabulary building, listening, role-playing, and open discussion. Students will also give presentations in teams on a subject of Business or Technology.

Attentes du cours

Participation and personal commitment from each individual is essential. Homework will be given and is compulsory and will be considered part of the continuous assessment grade. Vocabulary-expressions/technical skills and communication strategies will be explored thoroughly.


Participation and inter-action are of the utmost importance for this course. It is NOT a course for the student who does not like to talk with other classmates and to share his/her ideas. We are here to COMMUNICATE.
Validating the Tandem course will add 2 bonus points in the continuous assessment grade of the corresponding language course.
Grades will be based 50% on your presence/presentation/participation & papers written as homework, 50% on a final written or oral exam.
Chaque absence injustifiée entrainera 1 point en moins sur votre note de CC.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE - work for next 12 weeks*/ presentation of work expected from students - quick grammar review and exercises of usual problems with English
Introduction of students / describing selves / questions making for interviews / interviews/ writing up memos on recruitment/ typical & tricky interview questions homework Read article about Blogs in workplace
Look at homework articles. Questions & answers. Construction of blogs/ how blogs can be useful in work world// work on cv’s and cover letters/ responding to an ad from newspaper
Begin preparation of student presentations for a 2 people presentation per week - expectations
homework - get information about new car technologies online
Look at innovations in car tech discussion clean energy/alternative energies/presentation (Brazil-USA) homework - global warming & its consequences beginning (to be continued with film by Al Gore at a later date
Work in groups inventing a business venture/ holiday invention in groups - negotiation for / presentation of students holiday inventions/presentation by student Homework : find phrasal verbs on line; different adverbials used in make sentences using different 2 word verbs
Review of phrasal verb homework - Phrasal verb handout / technology news open-closed systems windows vs. linux / cnn listening (spark) fill in blanks / pixar workspace / presentation by student/
Homework students to find online info about women in the work world statistics and be prepared to talk about them in March 5th class
Look at homework/ Concerning an international day (Women‘s day, Aids day, World day etc-
Women in the work world/ discussion/ cnn listening exercises/presentation by students
Continuation of women in work world trends/presentation/cell phone gadgetry article / written mid term test- reading comprehensionhomework (all digital generation baffles marketers)
Look at homework digital generation
the art & stages of negotiating / presentation by student
Pros & cons of tourism. terrorism & its impact on tourism/ cultural differences/presentation by students / (word document) and negotiation manzingira Get online information/statistics about desalination processes of water
The problem with water / Negotiating name changes for a company/presentation by students
Technology news - Dangers of too much information on line- tv listening exercise / presentation by students
Global warming conclusion, its consequences part of film The Inconvenient Truth -Al Gore
final presentations/ A look at the future / final oral test in groups

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