Start-Up/ Final Project

Catalogue des cours de Institut Mines-Télécom Business School


PRO 6510


PostGraduate (MBA)


Projet et gestion de projets

Langue d'enseignement


Crédits ECTS


Heures programmées / Charge de travail

77 / 140


  • EPINETTE Olivier
  • GUYON Sylvie


- Direction des Formations et de la Pédagogie

Equipe pédagogique

  • EPINETTE Olivier
  • TRANCHIER Didier


Identify the different roles of each participant in a work group and allocate the tasks and anticipate

Analyze the dynamics of a work group and manage the individual strengths and weaknesses of each member

Master the methodology and implementation of inter-national projects

Define and implement processes on international scale

Analyze and make decisions while taking into account both local and global business dimensions

Understand the ethical stakes in business

Analyze the ethical stakes and be able to generate and share solutions

Apply theoretical knowledge to new and concrete sit-uations

Manage innovation and change while serving as an interface between technical and managerial spheres

Adapt quickly to the field, functions and proposed missions

Manage the labor market and build one’s professional project in an international context

Understand the culture of the countries in which they are learning


Understand the innovation market and how a start-up work
Realize a real and complete project inside the start-up company
Have a real professional experience in a start-up that can be used as a reference in the future

eMBA-3: To develop leadership skills and capabilities
eMBA-4: Be able to generate new ideas, steer innovation and management change in a competitive environment
eMBA-5: Acquire ethical reasoning and social responsibility values
eMBA-6: To be capable of working globally






70% Written Report
30% Oral defence

Approches pédagogiques

Individual project, with intermediary presentation, market survey, financial analysis
Written report
Oral defence



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