V2A_IS : Information Systems

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MIS 4804


Graduate (M1)


Systèmes d’information

Langue d'enseignement


Crédits ECTS


Heures programmées / Charge de travail

54 / 80


  • SHIRISH Anuragini


- Systèmes d'information

Equipe pédagogique

  • SHIRISH Anuragini


 To learn what information systems mean in the organizational scenario.
 To appreciate the strategic importance of information systems for business value creation.
 To analysis a digital transformation scenario
 To allocate and govern digital resources effectively
 To understand how to choose, prioritize and implement IT projects
 To understand how to manage digital infrastructures and digital enterprise systems
 To appreciate the real-life applications of information systems in organizations – including the challenges and approaches. Become digitally intelligent!
 To appreciate the implications of emerging technological phenomenon such as big data, internet of things, mobility, social media, virtual teams, cloud computing on businesses.


Intergrated Master's in Management Program (Grande Ecole) specific learning goals:

IMM1: Develop fundamental skills while training future managers to be open, pro-active and capable of integrating technological fields into their management decision-making

IMM-2: Be able to generate new ideas, steer innovation and management change in a competitive environment

IMM3: Capacity to plan, organize, lead and collaborate within working groups

Course Specific Learning Goal:

Understand the mechanism of how business value can be created using information systems management.
Obtain nonroutine skills of abstract thinking, collaboration, systems thinking, business ethics and innovation.






Attendance Class participation: 30%
Group Case Presentations: 40%
Group Report: 30%

Approches pédagogiques

The pedagogy used in based on reflection and extension of learning themes.
Blended Learning and Collaborative Arguementation are the specific method adopted.
Teacher is a facilitator of learning.
Seminars, Mini cases and case studies will be used for learning.


Programme grande école

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