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ECO 4801


Graduate (M1)



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Heures programmées / Charge de travail

54 / 180


  • SANDITOV Bulat


- Droit, Economie et Finance

Equipe pédagogique

  • BERNE Michel
  • SANDITOV Bulat


The goal of the econometric section is to teach you the basics of the theory and practice of econometrics and to give you experience in estimating econometric models with actual data. The data used are related to the digital economics ex. impact of Internet usage on GDP growth, the innovation dynamics in the Smartphone industry.
The goal of the social network section is...
The goal of the macroeconomic section is to (1) make aware students of the impacts of development of the digital world on the main macroeconomic variables and policies, using standard methods used by professional economists and (2) understand how to design macroeconomic policies taking into account developments in the digital world and e-business.


PGE1: acquire fundamental skills
PGE2: innovation


Mathematics and statistics




The final grade is the average of the grades obtained in the 3 sections of the course.

1 - Econometric section : Presentation of the report using real data: 50 percent of final grade
Write a report: 50 percent of final grade

2 - Social networks section :

3 - Macroeconomics section:
30 % homework – digital dashboard (on a chosen country)
30 % group work (group presentation on a chosen topic)
30 % final exam
10 % class participation

Approches pédagogiques

Lectures, case studies

Hands-on sessions using Excel for data analysis and SAS Entreprise guide. SAS is available at the campus computing centres.
Information about the course will be distributed by email and using the Moodle site.


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