Business Ethics & Sustainable Development

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MAN 7005


PostGraduate (MSc)



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  • GUPTA Bhumika


- Management, Marketing et Stratégie


The students learn the characteristics of ethical issues in business. They become acquainted with the theoretical basis of business ethics: stakeholder-theory, theories of responsibility and normative ethical theory, intercultural ethics; as well as with theories and practices on the implementation of business ethics.


The course is interactive, with class discussion, and group assignments, based on a company visit. Expected outcomes are:
- mastering of basic theoretical concepts of business ethics and sustainability,
- A fair notion of what is going on in business nowadays regarding business ethics and sustainable business,
- Knowledge of practical ways and tools for management ethics and sustainability.






There are two moments of assessment:
1. Based on the company visits, the students will be required to write a group-paper, in the form of a report detailing their findings, analyzing the issues and providing suggestions and recommendations to the companies regarding their ideas on how the issues discussed are or could be addressed by the company. The report should combine theory with practice and should include practical suggestions and recommendations. To count for 50% of the grade.

2. An individual written exam (closed book) on the whole course, covering both class notes and the reader. To count for 50% of the grade.

Approches pédagogiques

In addition to plenary presentation, with discussion, work group sessions will be held around cases-exercises and a short research investigation. The e-learing environment will be used, to enable students to give their own inputs in the course, on the issue of intercultural ethics.
Skills exercised during the course are: the ability to identify ethical characteristics of business situations and business decisions; intercultural awareness; the ability to express and defend a considered moral position; the ability to present ethical views orally, to peers.


Master of Science

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