Strategic Management

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STR 7001


PostGraduate (MSc)



Langue d'enseignement


Crédits ECTS


Heures programmées / Charge de travail

24 / 100


  • GUPTA Bhumika


- Management, Marketing et Stratégie


To ensure a good level of familiarity with the concepts, skills and tools that will enable you to:
- Analyse corporate situations from a global, cross-functional perspective: diagnosis of competitive and industry environments, organisational structure and operations, strategic resources, strength of strategic positioning… ;
- Formulate a medium-term development strategy: selection of a growth-rate, which activities to focus on, which core-competencies and strategic resources to earmark for investment, how to enter new markets / activities and access complementary competencies and resources…) and recommend improvements to operations and the organisation structure of the company ;
- Plan, organise and quantify the implementation of the selected strategy.


• To develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively formulate and implement strategy;
• To develop strategic thinking by equiping the students with the concepts, models and tools of strategic analysis;
• To apply the concepts of strategic analysis in complex business environments through.developing the communication, problem solving and presentation skills of the student
• To have a deeper understanding of the current business environment characterising the beginning of 21st century






Final Exam 50%
Presentations: 40%
Class Participation and quiz (Ability of the student to answer questions about cases, attendance and grades from the three quizes) : 10%

Approches pédagogiques

A combination of formal teaching (18 hours) and case studies (6 hours of student presentations discussed in lab classes).
 Students should read the distributed articles individually, and participate in class duscussions..
 During the final four sessions, each week, one student will present one of the articles and lead the class room discussion after the case.
More specifically, they are expected to provide additional contribution to the case material by making use of the concepts learned during the lectures, and by reading recent material / or relevant articles.

 There is one final exam in this course.


Master of Science

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