Operations Management

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OPM 7001


PostGraduate (MSc)


Logistique, supply chain, etc.

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Crédits ECTS


Heures programmées / Charge de travail

24 / 100


  • GUPTA Bhumika


- Management, Marketing et Stratégie


The learning objectives are to make student proficient in analyzing business situations with a system approach and modelling them by processes.

-system approach to business modelling
Business activities, controlling functions and associated information systems have to be described within a coherent analytical system framework allowing a clear understanding of the various current controls and costing concepts. Cost targeting has become an integral part of good practice of business management and is strongly supported by activity-based process modelling.

-validity of models
Apparently simple models must be analyzed in depth. Students must be fully aware of the assumptions made when models are formulated and of their conditions of validity. Applying a model implies automatically that assumptions of a sort are taken for granted.


The approach to operations management followed in this course is unusual with respect to what is found in standard textbooks. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) impact the ways firms are organised and managed, and as a consequence change the practical means used to conduct business operations. The goals of this course are to expose students to this new type of business contexts.






Grading results from the assessment of a written report produced from a case study developed during classes

Approches pédagogiques

The pedagogical methods are based on a combination of explanations of concepts and related illustrative examples


Master of Science

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