Management and the human factor

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1ère Année Management,1ère Année Télécom







  • Langues et Sciences Humaines

Equipe pédagogique


In this course we discuss management issues in society at large. We will explore how to find value and work efficiently without losing the ‘human factor’, in the face of the encroaching AI and the internet revolution in general. What is the best way to work meaningfully in the 21st Century?

Acquis d'apprentissage

The objective of this course is acquiring vocabulary, learning how to exchange points of view, make suggestions, hedging and defending positions in English about new ways of managing work and doing business, and in the process improving English listening, comprehension, and presentation skills. The students will be able to:

● Discuss and debate global topics of work and business in English.
● Better understand global trends and problematics of work and business in order to see where we are heading in the future.
● Become more aware of the choices we have as a culture in relation to our work lives and future.


The purpose of this course is to improve English debating and communication skills while exposing students to key concepts of work and innovation. We will evaluate certain trends taking place within the business world, debate on how we can adapt to such issues as automation, artificial intelligence, vertical and flat hierarchical structures, and other pressing work-related global issues.

Attentes du cours

Students should be open-minded prepared to evaluate and criticize ideas, participate in debates and discussion, engage in group work, and contribute in writing and during presentations. They will study how to improve both their written and oral communication skills, and prepare dynamic presentations.


●50% Continuous assessment (writing an essay, an oral report, participation in discussions)
●50% Final examination
Validating the Tandem course will add 2 bonus points in the continuous assessment grade of the corresponding language course.
Chaque absence non justifiée entrainera 1 point en moins sur la note de CC.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

1. Introduction
2. Automation and AI
3. Making goals and avoiding pitfalls
4. Capitalism and collaborative consumption
5. What makes a good leader?
6. The millennial generation and work
7. How to manage a zombie apocalypse
8. Personality and work (The Introvert vs. The Extrovert)
9. UBI or Universal Basic Income
10. Terror Management

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