Contemporary Issues in the USA

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  • Langues et Sciences Humaines

Equipe pédagogique


This course aims to study and analyze a selection of the most pressing contemporary American cultural, social, political and economic issues. We will take a dynamic approach to these subjects by looking at them through the prism of a variety of media sources: audiovisual (documentary films, political satire, TED talks, news reports), print (press articles, editorial cartoons).

Acquis d'apprentissage

Linguistic: Our emphasis will be on developing the communication skills necessary to function in an international academic or professional environment. To achieve this goal, our class will be an interactive one where students will be expected to participate actively in discussions, debates, presentations and role-plays.

Social, Cultural and Political Aspects: To be fully capable of working in an international environment you must be aware of the social, cultural and political environment of the target language. In our class, most of our readings, videos and discussions will be centered on these issues as they are presented in the English-speaking world. Readings will focus on current political, economic and cultural topics dealing with American society.


This class is part of a preparation that aims to improve and build on the acquired skills necessary to ensure a successful university or professional experience in an English-speaking country or in an English-speaking academic environment. To achieve this goal we will be concentrating on three main areas:

Attentes du cours

In the English-speaking world, students are expected to contribute and participate as equals. Except for specific lecture classes, most small group classes (or in Britain, tutorials) are designed so the students have prepared library research and/or reading before the class to present an analysis for discussion. The role of the professor is to catalyze and direct the discussion.


• 50% Continuous assessment (3 written activities and 1 oral presentation; participation in discussions)
• 50% Final examination
1 point de CC retiré à chaque absence injustifiée.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

MEDIA (Social Media – Regulation/Break-up of Internet giants, Free Speech Issues, Fake News), POLITICS - BREAKDOWN IN DEMOCRACY (populism, authoritarianism, constitutional issues, impeachment, 2020 election), ETHNIC ISSUES (White Supremacy movement, Black Lives Matter), INCOME INEQUALITY, CONSUMER SOCIETY, CULTURE & IDEOLOGY (identity crisis), AMERICAN UNIVERSITY TRENDS. Themes covered may vary according to current events and students’ particular interests.

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