American Culture and Innovation

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This class will cover the history of American inventions from 1800-2019 and their impact on American culture. In parallel, we will study the American history of this period and compare how the changes to everyday life in the US created by technological changes impacted the cultural movements that happened simultaneously to technological developments. Students will reflect on the impact of inventions, and question what “innovation” is, while learning about American culture and history.

Acquis d'apprentissage

During this class, students can expect to add to their knowledge of American history, the history of technological development, and art history. They will learn how to formulate their own opinions on the cultural differences between the US and other countries, on the notion of “The American Way of Life” and its impact around the world, and appreciate the modern developments in American society and in technology.


Students will learn scientific vocabulary pertaining to technology, while also building a vocabulary to talk about historical and cultural movements in the US. They will learn about changes in American society throughout the 19th and 20th centuries and the development of “The American Way of Life.” They will be able to tell the history of the US during the 19th and 20th centuries through American technological inventions and make connections to the way that these innovations have impacted the way that people live in the US and abroad. Students will also be expected to use examples of American culture or art to demonstrate the impacts of American technology.

Attentes du cours

Students are expected to be open to new ideas and to be capable of assimilating them as part of an ongoing process to improve their writing and presenting skills in English. There will be a minimum of two (2) written activities and two (2) oral reports. The level of interaction is similar to that encountered in professional life.


B1: The coure of ROBIC


• 50% Continuous assessment (three (3) written academic essays and three (3) oral presentations/debates; participation in discussions)
• 50% Final examination
Validating the Tandem course will add 2 bonus points in the continuous assessment grade of the corresponding language course.
Chaque absence injustifiée entrainera 1 point en moins sur votre note de CC.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur,Programme Bachelor

Plan du cours

1. Introduction & 1800-1825: steamboats and the modern suspension bridge 2. 1825-1850: the electric doorbell, sewing machines, telegraphs and trains 3. 1850-1875: canals, dams and hydraulic mining 4. 1875-1900: light bulbs, photographic film, record players, telephones, machine guns, skyscrapers and cars 5. 1900-1925: airplanes, electric traffic lights and subways 6. 1925-1950: the modern day digital computer, microwaves and nuclear power 7. 1950-1975: credit cards, lasers, CDs, lunar modules, fiber optic cables, PCs, email and mobiles 8. 1975-2000: space shuttles, the Internet, GPS and the artificial heart 9. 2000-2019: smartphones, apps and social networks

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