Information System Analysis and Design

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MIS 4401


Graduate (M1)


Systèmes d’information

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21 / 70


  • ASSAR Saïd


- Systèmes d'information

Equipe pédagogique

  • ASSAR Saïd


The students will have learned how to read models and to apply them by their own for simple situations. This will lead them to be able to both express rigorously the business needs and to interact pertinently with people involved on information system engineering related activities, notably people making up the IT community.

Confronted to a specific organizational issue, the student will indeed be able to handle it in such a way that the organizational solution and the related information system would be consistent. In another words, the student would be able to propose new models of information systems that match company’s needs.


> To understand fundamental problems related to design, build and run an IS
‒ IT cost and the ROI dilemma
‒ The wicked nature of IS design
‒ IS lifecycle various models
‒ IS models and their essential role in the IS lifecycle
> To learn IS modeling basics
‒ Business process modeling with BPMN
‒ Usage modeling with UML Use-Case diagrams
> To be trained for IS design tasks through a group project and a full IS analysis and design case study


Introduction to Information Systems




The overall grade for the class is a weighted average of three grades:
‒ 30% Homework and online quizzes
‒ 30% Project
‒ 40% Final exam

Approches pédagogiques

For the theoretical part, the course combines face-to-face lectures with homework and small classes. For the applied part, the students will work in small groups (2 to 4) on a analysis and design project.


Programme grande école

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